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Top 5 Health Problems Caused By Drinking Unfiltered Water

Health professionals nowadays suggest that in order to remain healthy we should consume approximately eight glasses of water daily. However, the impurities in the drinking water might be stopping us from obtaining our optimum health and fitness over time. Unfiltered water can often be dangerous to those living within the home. In this article, we will focus on 5 leading health problems from drinking not filtered water.

1. Pesticides

There are more than 36,000 recognized pesticides in the world at present. Yet the local water treatment facilities just test for a few of these harmful pesticides while supplying drinking water to communities in the major cities. Pesticides in the drinking water are generally of great concern to people residing in the rural areas where there is a heavy utilization of pesticide items. Furthermore, pesticides are also linked with a rise in food allergies throughout the world. Products like activated carbon filtration might help to remove these types of pesticides from the drinking water.

2. Lead

Mainly found in homes which were constructed before 1986, the lead piping technique can cause substantial water contamination problems. The destruction of lead piping may cause parasites in the water. This lead may then result in a lot of health issues when ingested by individuals inside the house. Lead poisoning can affect kids considerably and also cause retarded growth issues. Through the use of successful filtration technologies, house owners can easily prevent lead from damaging their houses.

3. Pharmaceuticals

Many individuals these days flush their medicines down the toilet once the medication is no longer required. This hazardous removal technique is being utilized for a long time and has resulted in a huge development in the number of hazardous pharmaceutical products in the drinking water. Items for example antidepressants, antibiotics, as well as prescribed hormones, are found in the waterways of most of the countries. And these items are gradually moving into residences through the water treatment facilities. These items might be consumed without any adequate protection and might result in several long-term health problems.

4. Radium

While THMs, perchlorate, and HAAs can be found in the water here and there, radium is normally found in groundwater which is left untreated. Though purification methods can eliminate as much as 85% of radium, any exposure to the trace amounts will cause hazards. It might result in several different cancers following continuous exposure.

5. Arsenic

Arsenic is one more naturally-occurring harmful component. Nevertheless, huge amounts of arsenic could be caused by terrible handling of industrial, as well as agricultural waste materials. It is difficult to identify through smell or taste; however, it still poses dangers of liver cancer, lymphatic cancer, Type II Diabetes and lung cancer.

In order to safeguard their residences and also their families against the hazards of unfiltered water, it is imperative for the homeowners to integrate the most up-to-date purification products inside their houses.

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