Appliance Repair Services

About Your Appliance Appointment

We believe constant communication is key for providing you the best service experience. If you have any questions you can call or text our Office at (864) 513-1828

About Your Appointment


Our service call and diagnosis fee is $99.00 on most items. This includes the trip to your home and a complete diagnosis of your unit regardless of time. Parts prices are set by local part suppliers. Labor is calculated using a State Flat Rate labor guide. For the 2nd appliance in the same home during the same trip the service call and diagnosis fee is $59.00


Our office will send an email and a robocall the evening before your appointment providing the technician name. We are guests in your home and we want to ensure you know who we are sending.

The email will also contain a link to confirm your appointment, or if you prefer a call it will have a confirmation prompt making the process quick and easy!


Our office will contact you the evening before your scheduled service date with your timeframe that you can expect the technician to arrive. We do require confirmation of the timeframe prior to arriving to your home.


Even though we provide a timeframe for your appointment, we also request our technician to give you a heads up call when they are on the way to your home.!


If your unit is under (1) year of age, you will need to reach out directly to the manufacturer of your appliance to open a warranty claim. Their customer service will issue a dispatch number authorizing us to repair the product. We need this to be able to bill the appropriate party for the services performed.

If your unit is over (1) year of age, and has an extended warranty, you must contact the extended warranty company first prior to setting up a service appointment with us. The phone number you need to call can be found on your extended warranty certificate. If you are unable to locate that, please contact the dealer in which you purchased the unit from, and they should be able to provide the appropriate information on your extended warranty.