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Appliance Model Number Locator

Model numbers are very important to identify correct part numbers and serial numbers are mandatory for factory warranty claims. Is very important to know how to locate these very important pieces of information of your appliance. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to locate your model number depending on the type of appliance you have.

Note: Every appliance have the brand name in fron the it, and may contain numbers which can confuse you. This numbers are not the appliance model number. Model numbers are usually combination of letters and numbers.


Important: Providing our CSR an incorrect model number might delay part ordering or even order wrong parts. Model numbers shown on your purchase invoice is only partial and it should not be used to order parts. Owners manual also contain partial model numbers that could be use for different units. The only accurate model number is located in the model tag of the unit.

If you provide the model number to our office staff is very important to provide the exact number from the model tag.

Here is an example on a model tag from a LG Refrigerator. You will notice the model number includes letters, numbers and symbols such as slash forward “/”

Locating your Appliance Model Number