Appliance Repair Services

About the Service Call

When scheduling an appointment for appliance repair, you are confirming the product is not covered by any type of warranty. You are agreeing to pay the Service Call and diagnosis fee of $99. Our Service Call Fee is for us to cover the cost to send a technician to your house to troubleshoot your appliance. We will create an estimate for the repairs needed once the problem has been diagnosed by one of our appliance technicians, and the service call fee would be included in the total. You agree to have payment for services ready upon arrival. You agree to have the product accessible. Our Service Call Fee is non-refundable once our technician enters your house to troubleshoot your appliance. 

**NOTE** If your appliance is under any type of warranty, use our third party work order scheduler. Please contact the manufacturer or extended warranty company directly to open a claim first, and then you can proceed to schedule the appointment service.

About the Warranty

At Appliance GrandMasters, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We stand behind every repair we perform and to prove it we offer the following warranty on our services:

3 Months warranty in Labor
1-Year Warranty in Parts
Money-Back Guarantee*

When you hire Appliance GrandMasters, you’re hiring the very best appliance repair technician. Our online reviews can prove it. We’ve been in this business for several years and have full confidence in our ability and skills to take care of whatever problem your appliance has. Our repair warranty stands as a reminder that we will do the job the right way, every time.

Warranty applies only when you have paid us directly for a particular repair. Otherwise, your factory warranty is only the duration of the warranty you have with the manufacturer and/or extended warranty company. Our warranty does not cover food loss or loss of use. Your product must be installed as per manufacturer guidelines and properly maintained to be eligible for our warranty.

*We’re committed to your satisfaction. In the rare event that we are unable to repair your appliance, we assure you a money-back guarantee as a part of our dedication to exceptional service quality. Service Call Fee is non-refundable.

Terms of Service

Please read carefully the following.

1. Acceptance of Terms

By acquiring services from Appliance GrandMasters (“Company”), the customer (“Customer”) agrees to and acknowledges the following terms and conditions.

2. Warranty Provisions

2.1. Labor Warranty: The Company provides a three-month warranty on labor.

2.2. Parts Warranty: The Company offers a one-year warranty on parts.

2.3. Money-Back Guarantee: In the rare event that the Company is unable to repair an appliance due to its own fault, the Customer is entitled to a money-back guarantee. This guarantee is void if any conditions outlined in Clause 3 are not met or if the Customer fails to comply with their responsibilities as specified.

3. Scope of Warranty

3.1. The warranty covers performance issues on the appliance.

3.2. The warranty is conditional on proper use and maintenance of the appliances in a suitable environment.

3.3. Exclusions:

  • The warranty does not cover damages caused by improper installation, misuse, or lack of maintenance by the Customer (e.g., failure to conduct professional vent cleaning annually).

  • Physical or cosmetic damages are not covered under the warranty.

  • The warranty is void if any party other than the Company’s designated team disassembles or accesses internal mechanics, or if the appliance is moved to a different location without notifying the Company, or if the environment is unsanitary or contaminated.

3. Customer Responsibilities

4.1. Customers are responsible to use the appliances as intended by the manufacturer.

4.2. A standard service fee of $99 will be charged for any service call not covered by the warranty. (e.g., user error, home issue, bad customer installation, etc.)

4.3. Sales of parts are final and non-refundable.

4.4. Installation Warranty: Appliances installed by the Company are covered under a one-month installation warranty.

5. Exclusions on Used Supplies

Warranty does not include used supplies. The Company is not liable for the failure of used parts (e.g., hoses, power cords).

6. Third-Party Warranties

6.1. The Company is not responsible for any claims under third-party warranties. Such claims must be resolved directly between the Customer and the third-party warranty provider.

6.2. Direct Payment Clause: The Company’s warranty only applies when the Customer has paid Appliance GrandMasters directly. If payment is made through another entity, the Customer’s warranty is limited to the duration and scope of the warranty provided by the manufacturer and/or the extended warranty company.

7. Modification of Terms

Appliance GrandMasters reserves the right to refuse labor and to change policies, terms, and conditions without prior notice.

8. Communication and Marketing Consent

8.1. Consent to Receive Electronic Communications:  By accepting these terms and conditions, the Customer consents to receive electronic communications from Appliance GrandMasters, including but not limited to Email and SMS (text messages), regarding service updates, promotional offers, and marketing materials related to our services and products. The Customer acknowledges that opting out of receiving these communications may limit their access to certain updates, offers, or services and may risk delaying the processing of their service requests or applications.

8.2. Opt-out Option: Customers may opt out of receiving marketing communications at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions provided in the communication or by contacting Appliance GrandMasters directly. However, the Customer will still receive transactional or service-related messages necessary for the administration of their account or services received.

8.3. Data Charges and Frequency: Message and data rates may apply to SMS communications. The frequency of messages may vary, and Appliance GrandMasters will endeavor to limit the number of messages to what is deemed relevant and beneficial to the Customer.

8.4. Updating Contact Information: It is the Customer’s responsibility to keep their contact information up to date. Appliance GrandMasters is not responsible for delays or missed communications due to outdated or incorrect contact information. Customers can update their contact information through their account settings or by contacting customer service.

8.5. Compliance with Laws: All marketing communications will be sent in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Appliance GrandMasters is committed to protecting the privacy and security of the Customer’s personal information as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Note: The inclusion and specifics of this clause should be reviewed for compliance with local laws and regulations, especially those relating to consumer protection and electronic communications, such as GDPR in Europe or CAN-SPAM Act in the United States.

9. Governing Law

These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which the Company operates.