Appliance Repair Services

Our Prices and Warranty

At Appliance GrandMasters we understand that when you hire our company you expect to deal with the area’s best appliance repair technicians. We’ve been in the industry for many years and we are fully confident in our skills and knowledge to take care of any issue your appliances might have. Our service warranty stands as proof that we do the job the right way, every single time.

Our Service Call Trip charge is a flat rate of $99 for Standard Appliances and $149 for High-end & Commercial Appliances. If you wish you can prepay your service call to guarantee your time slot on the date of service.

Due to the increased difficulty of removing, diagnosing, and reinstalling a built-in microwave, our service charge for microwaves is an additional $40. This means our microwave service charge is $139 

The service call charge is the cost to send a fully prepared technician to your house. Our technician will provide you with an estimate before performing any repairs. This service charge will be included in the total amount.

The labor charge is the cost to repair the appliance. Our labor rates are not based on the time spent by the technician performing the repair. Our labor rates are flat rates based on type of repair, liability involved and skills required. The reason we don’t charge depending on time is because more experienced techs complete repairs in less time than newer techs, so it would not be fair for the customer or the technician. Charging based on time is like penalizing efficiency.

Running a service business involve several overhead costs that are ignored or unseen by the customers. These costs are vital to provide an exceptional service experience and efficient repair. Examples of this unseen costs are technician’s continuous training, expensive specialty equipment and tools, office staff, rent, appliance parts stock inventory, insurance, service van’s maintenance, and many more. When you hire us you get a fully trained team of professional rather than just a technician alone. That is why our labor rates are based on industry standards depending on the type of repair we are performing.

Per our statistics and experience from the previous years we have found that around 70% of the repairs we perform required a replacement part. If a part is needed to fix your appliance our technician will provide you an estimate .

At Appliance GrandMasters we only use manufacturer brand new original parts, OEM. You can have peace of mind knowing you are getting quality parts that will last longer that any aftermarket or rebuilt parts.

If we find the part needed for your appliance repair is discontinued or out of stock, we can offer you out of the box options such as using an aftermarket part or rebuilt part. We have technician trained in electronics that can help you fix a control board by replacing the failed components such as board relays, capacitors, fuses, etc…

We are proud to say we are one of the very few companies with the skill of fixing your control board instead of replacing it, saving you hundreds of dollars.

We have decided our main focus will be customer satisfaction. We stand proudly behind every service we provide. To bring you peace of mind we offer the following warranty on every repair.

  • 1 Year Warranty on every part we supply and install unless stated differently in your work order
  • 3 Months Labor on the part or service performed.
  • 30 Days on Service Call

This warranty only applies if you paid for the service directly to us. If you repair was under a manufacturer, your warranty would be for the duration of the factory warranty or third party company you have the contract with.

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As a customer-focused family owned business, our main focus is customer satisfaction. We stand proudly behind every service we provide. To bring you peace of mind we offer the following warranty on every repair.

    • 5-Star Service Every Time
    • 90-day warranty in Labor
    • 1-year Warranty in Parts
    • Money-Back Guarantee
    • Repairs in as little as 1 trip*
    • Factory Authorized on Major Brands

Convenient Scheduling Options

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