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How to Dry Shoes in your Dryer Like a Pro

Wondering how to dry shoes in dryer safely? Let’s go through the best practices and materials suitable for drying.

Knowing how to dry shoes in dryer correctly can save time and keep your footwear in good condition. However, improper techniques can damage both your shoes and your dryer. This guide will help you dry shoes safely and effectively, ensuring they come out looking fresh and intact.

In a past article, we talked about how to wash your shoes in a washing machine, but no cleaning is complete without drying that which you washed.

Note that while these steps offer best practices, not every dryer can handle dryer shoes, or results might vary. Typically, you can dry shoes in most cases. However, depending on the dryer, long-term damage due to wear and tear may occur.

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Why Dry Shoes in a Dryer?

Drying shoes in a dryer can be convenient, especially after a rainy day or a workout. It speeds up the drying process compared to air drying. However, it’s crucial to know the right method to avoid damage.

how to dry shoes in dryer shoe types

Shoe Materials Suitable for Machine Drying

Some materials are more suitable for machine drying than others, so be careful: not every shoe material is safe to throw in the dryer. Consider the following materials:


Canvas shoes are typically safe to dry in a dryer. They withstand the low heat and tumbling well.


Cotton shoes can also be dried safely in a dryer. Ensure to use low or no heat to prevent shrinkage.


Polyester shoes are generally dryer-safe. They dry quickly and hold up well under low heat.

how to dry your shoes in a dryer settings

Steps to Dry Shoes in a Dryer

1. Preparation:

First, remove any debris and/or loose from the shoes. This prevents dirt from getting inside your dryer. Also, take out the insoles and laces to dry them separately.

2. Choose the Right Settings:

Now, setting your dryer to a low or no-heat setting is advised. High heat can warp or shrink your shoes. Use a delicate cycle if your dryer has one.

3. Secure the Shoes:

Next, we recommend you to place your shoes in a mesh laundry bag. It helps prevent too much bouncing around.

If you don’t have a bag, you can tie the laces together and hang them over the dryer door, keeping the shoes inside the drum.

4. Add Towels for Cushioning:

Adding a few towels to the dryer do act as a buffer. The towels will absorb some impact and reduce noise. This also helps to distribute the weight evenly.

5. Monitor the Drying Process:

Constantly check your shoes to make sure they are drying well and even. This helps to prevent overheating or damage. Once they are dry, let them air out for a while to ensure they are completely moisture-free.

how to dry your shoes in dryer laundry room

Risks of Drying Shoes in Your Dryer

Now, it is our responsibility sharing with the risks that come with this convenience. So, can you dry shoes in the dryer? Well, reading carefully what’s next might help you make your own assessment.

Potential Damage to Your Dryer

Drying shoes can cause damage to your dryer if not done correctly. The weight and tumbling motion can affect the drum and other components. Using a mesh bag and adding towels can mitigate this risk.

Excessive Dryer Vibration

Shoes can cause the dryer to vibrate excessively. This vibration can lead to wear and tear on the dryer’s motor and mounts. Secure the shoes properly to minimize movement.

Clogging Risks

Debris from the shoes can clog the dryer’s lint filter. In our experience, you should always check the filter, and clean it, to assure optimum functionality.

Shoe Material Wear and Tear 

Shoes made from delicate materials can suffer from the heat and agitation. Always check the care label before drying. Use low or no heat settings to prevent damage.

Shoe Deformation

Heat and tumbling can deform shoes, especially those with structured components. Placing shoes in a mesh bag and using a delicate cycle can help maintain their shape.

Glue Degradation

Heat can weaken the glue that holds the shoe together. This can cause soles to detach. Drying at a low temperature can minimize this risk.

how to dry your shoes in dryer shoes not suitable

Which Materials to Avoid Machine Drying Shoes

Sounds kind of obvious, but there are some materials that should never be put on a washer or dryer:

    • Leather Shoes  should never be dried in a dryer. The heat can cause the leather to crack and lose its shape. Air drying is the best method for leather shoes.
    • Suede Shoes are also not suitable for machine drying. The heat can damage the texture of the suede. Instead, try stuffing them with newspaper (in a bag) and let them air dry.
    • Shoes with Decorative Elements, beads, sequins, or other decorative elements should not go in the dryer. The heat and tumbling can cause these elements to detach or become damaged.

Alternative Drying Methods

dirty shoes in white background

Considering in other methods of drying your shoes is a good idea if you don’t want to take the risks of drying your shoes on your dryer. Therefore, sharing these alternate methods with you might prove useful if you want to avoid using your dryer.

Actually, you can use them both together for better results.

  • Air Drying is the safest method for most shoes. Place them in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. This method takes longer but is gentle on the shoes.
  • Using a Fan while air drying can speed up the air-drying process. Place the shoes in front of a fan and let the airflow help dry them faster. This method is effective and safe for all shoe types.
  • Air Drying is the safest method for most shoes. Place them in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. This method takes longer but is gentle on the shoes.
  • Using a Fan while air drying can speed up the air-drying process. Place the shoes in front of a fan and let the airflow help dry them faster. This method is effective and safe for all shoe types.


Determining how to dry shoes in dryer properly can save time. Always check the material and use appropriate settings to prevent damage.

We insist that you make sure to take all the proper steps to dry your shoes and mitigate possible negative results. Now you can measure the risks versus benefits, in the end, as always, it’s all up to you.

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