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How to Clean a Front Load Washer

Are you getting the most out of your front load washer? Let’s ensure it runs efficiently with proper cleaning techniques.

Maintaining a front load washer is crucial for ensuring it operates efficiently and lasts for years. Regular cleaning not only keeps your washer performing its best but also prevents common problems that can lead to costly repairs.

We will explain in this simple guide how to clean your front load washer and why these steps are crucial for the best performance of your washer.

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Why Clean Your Front Load Washer?

Front load washers are prone to mold and mildew because their seals trap moisture inside, creating a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.Regularly wiping the gasket with a damp cloth removes any residual water, soap scum, or mildew, ensuring your clothes come out smelling fresh. Furthermore, this routine maintenance helps prevent damage to your washer’s door seals and keeps the appliance running smoothly, reducing the need for frequent costly repairs.

Regular cleaning enhances the washer’s efficiency and performance. Over time, detergent and fabric softener can build up, potentially clogging the machine’s drainage and dispensing systems, which leads to inefficient cycles that use more energy and water. By maintaining a clean washer, you ensure it runs efficiently, saving time and money on utility bills.

The longevity of your front load washer greatly increases with consistent maintenance. Cleaning the gasket, drum, and detergent dispenser prevents undue stress on the washer’s motor and other mechanical parts, which can extend the appliance’s life. This care not only saves money on potential future repairs but also ensures that your washer remains a reliable fixture in your home.

Step-by-Step Guide to cleaning your front load washer

Cleaning the Gasket

The rubber gasket at the door is a common area for moisture and residue buildup. Cleaning this component is simple: just wipe it down with a cloth dampened with a mild cleaner to remove any residue or trapped debris. This action prevents odors and mold from forming, ensuring that the washer remains clean and hygienic.

Deep Cleaning the Drum

Deep cleaning the drum is essential for removing detergent build-up and any lingering odors. Running the washer on the hottest cycle with a cleaning solution like vinegar or a commercially available washer cleaner does wonders. This process not only cleans the drum but also sanitizes it, leaving your washer fresh and ready for use.

Detergent Dispenser Cleaning

Maintaining the detergent dispenser is crucial for optimal washer performance. Remove the drawer to rinse and scrub it thoroughly under hot water to remove any soap residue or buildup. This step ensures that your detergent dispenses correctly, which is vital for the machine to function at its best.

Checking the Filters

Checking and cleaning the filters should be part of your regular maintenance routine. Locate the drain pump filter, usually behind a small panel at the front of the washer, and clear it of any debris or obstructions. This helps maintain proper water flow and prevents problems during the wash cycle.

Front load washer from the side

Regular Maintenance Tips

These recommendations must be a rule of thumb since the longevity of every appliance not only depends on the quality of the machine, but also on the quality of care the user provides. Here are some tips that might prove useful.


After each use, leaving the door of your washer open to allow the interior to air out. This practice prevents moisture from staying inside the washer, which reduces the likelihood of mold and mildew development. Ensuring the washer dries thoroughly between uses keeps it in optimal condition.

Use the Correct Amount of Detergent

Using the correct amount of high-efficiency (HE) detergent is critical for front load washers. These detergents are designed to produce fewer suds and are easier to rinse out, preventing residue build-up that can lead to mold and odors. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for detergent usage to avoid these issues.

Schedule Professional Maintenance Once a Year

Scheduling professional maintenance with Appliance GrandMasters can ensure your washer stays in peak condition. Regular check-ups by experienced technicians can catch issues early, potentially saving you from expensive repairs down the line. Professional servicing also ensures that all parts of your washer are functioning correctly.

In our experience, appliances that have professional maintenance at least once a year have faced fewer issues than those appliances that do not have proper cleaning and care.


Properly maintaining your front load washer is an essential part of household management. It ensures the appliance operates efficiently, stays clean, and lasts longer, saving you money and time. 

In any case, a functioning washer means less hassle with your laundry, less problems with the appliance and no disturbance in your daily routine. Don’t forget that also saves you a lot of money in unexpected and possibly expensive repairs.

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Want to avoid breakdowns?

At Appliance GrandMasters, we recommend professional maintenance for your washers, whether you use a front load or top load model. Regular professional care allows efficient operation and extends the lifespan preventing unexpected breakdowns.

Additionally, our team of skilled technicians are experts at keeping your washers in prime condition using advanced tools and techniques to tackle any problems that may arise. So, if you want your washer to keep running smoothly and efficiently, rely on the pros at Appliance GrandMasters.

We can handle the maintenance, so you can benefit from the optimal performance of your appliance.

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