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Cleaning Your Washer for Optimal Performance

Applying maintenance to your washer the right way.

Maintaining your washer is essential for ensuring it runs efficiently and effectively. Regular cleaning and upkeep not only extend the lifespan of your appliance but also enhance its performance.

For those invested in home maintenance and looking to avoid unnecessary washer repair, here’s a guide on how to clean and maintain your washer.

washer cleaning

Don’t want to tackle the fixing yourself? Call the appliance repair experts. We’ve got you covered.

Regular Cleaning of the Washer Drum

Start by regularly cleaning the washer drum. Use a damp cloth with a mild detergent to wipe the inside of the drum. Additionally, running an empty hot water cycle with a washing machine cleaner every month helps remove any detergent residue and mineral build-up. This practice is a fundamental aspect of washer maintenance, ensuring your clothes come out clean after every wash.

Inspect and Clean the Gaskets and Seals

Next, inspect the gaskets and seals around the washer door for any trapped debris or moisture. Wipe them down regularly to prevent mold and mildew buildup. This simple step can prevent the need for future washer repair.

Check and Clean the Filters

Most washers have filters to catch lint and small objects. Regularly checking and cleaning these filters is crucial. Clogged filters can impede your washer’s performance and may lead to the need for appliance repair.

Maintain Water Hoses

Check the water hoses for kinks or leaks. Over time, hoses can wear out and may need replacing to prevent leaks and water damage. Regular inspection of these hoses is an integral part of your home maintenance routine.

Using the Right Detergent and Amount

Always use the recommended type and amount of detergent for your washer. Overusing detergent can cause excess suds and leave residues, which could require professional attention from appliance technicians.

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When to Call a Technician

Despite regular maintenance, some issues require professional attention. If you notice unusual noises, leaks, or if the washer isn’t performing as it should, it’s time to call a technician. For those in Greenville, SC, Appliance GrandMasters offers a comprehensive Home Appliance Maintenance Plan. Their skilled appliance professionals can handle complex washer repairs and provide expert maintenance advice.


Cleaning and maintaining your washer regularly is essential for its long life and efficient performance. Following these steps allows your appliance operates smoothly and effectively.

However, should you encounter more complex problems, make sure to reach out to appliance repair services. In Greenville, SC, Appliance GrandMasters is always prepared, offering skilled appliance technicians to address all your washer repair and maintenance requirements.

Don’t feel like tackling appliance maintenance on your own?

No worries!
At Appliance GrandMasters, we’ve got your back. Let the experts handle it, so you can enjoy the convenience of smoothly running appliances without the DIY stress.

About Appliance GrandMasters

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Formerly known as Mr. Rogers Appliances, we rebranded our appliance repair company to Appliance GrandMasters in June 2020. Since then, we have focused on developing our brand to be customer-oriented. 

Fixing appliances has become a passion for us. We enjoy challenges and we are always studying to become the very best.

We accomplish swift and top-notch service by employing efficient and friendly customer service procedures that guarantee accurate answers and solutions. 

Our approach involves the careful selection and comprehensive training for the necessary skills to fulfill our customers’ needs. Through these strategies, we strive to consistently provide exceptional service. 

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