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Appliance Woes: 6 Reasons Your Dryer Won’t Stop Spinning


A dryer is an essential household appliance that dries wet clothing and fabrics quickly and efficiently. This device is indispensable for many homeowners, especially in humid or rainy areas. It’s also useful for people with limited outdoor space. 

Unfortunately, your drying device will eventually wear out like other devices and need professional dryer repairs, especially with daily use. While appliances usually fail to an off state, sometimes the fail-safes malfunction, and unusual things happen. One of the strange situations it can face is when it keeps spinning even after the timer goes off or when you open the door. 

If you want to maximize your incoming dryer repair services, this article will explain why your drying device keeps spinning. 

1. Faulty Cycling Thermostat

If your dryer keeps tumbling and doesn’t stop on the auto-dry setting, it could be because of a faulty cycling thermostat. This component senses your clothes’ ideal temperature and dryness and signals the dryer to stop when it completes the auto-dry phase. However, if it halts while the dryer runs, it never sends the auto-dry signal, and the dryer will continue to tumble. 

You can fix this concerning problem by replacing the faulty cycling thermostat. While you wait for professional dryer repair services to arrive at your front door, you may also use timed-dry and other non-automatic functions that don’t use the cycling thermostat. 

2. Faulty Cooldown Thermostat

If your dryer keeps tumbling after cooling down, it could be because of a faulty cooldown thermostat. This part measures the temperature inside the drying machine while not generating heat. It keeps the dryer tumbling until the temperature drops below the drying temperature. It will continue operating when it doesn’t detect that the appliance has cooled down. For this reason, you should fix the issue within the average cooldown time by calling a professional dryer repair company. 

3. Unresponsive Door Switch

The dryer may keep spinning even with the open door, which is rare and dangerous. Typically, the drying device will stop once you open the door, but it could be an issue with the door switch when it persists. When this happens, you should never stick your hand in the drum while it spins. 

You can fix this by unplugging the appliance, removing the top panel, and accessing the door switch. Next, remove it, install a new identical component, reattach the wires and mounting screws, and test the dryer again.

4. Timer Cycle Fused On

The dryer timer controls the cycle contacts to switch on and off the dryer. If a power surge occurs, the cycle contact may fuse in the “on” position, and the dryer won’t stop when the timer is over. 

When this happens, you should get a new timer for the dryer. You can find the component within the dryer’s control or back panel. Switch off the power and locate it. Instead of searching for a specific part, replace the entire assembly for optimal results when repairing the dryer.

5. Timer Knob Doesn’t Turn

If your dryer timer knob doesn’t switch off and the drum keeps spinning, it could be because of a faulty timer motor. When this occurs, manually turn the knob to the next “off” position as a quick fix, but you should replace the dryer timer switch assembly to get it working correctly again. 

6. Shorted Out Wiring Harness

The dryer may spin without responding to the timer or settings because of a possible wiring issue caused by a power surge. You can fix the problem by finding and repairing the faulty wire harness or letting a professional handle it. 


A never-ending spinning dryer can be stressful for any homeowner. While these quick fixes can help temporarily address the problem, they shouldn’t substitute for seeking professional help. You can help your drying device work like new again by switching off the power supply and calling a professional dryer repair company. 

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