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LG Refrigerator Error Codes Explained

Learning about LG refrigerator error codes can help you quickly diagnose and resolve issues with your appliance.

We all dislike when an appliance is not working properly, specially when we don’t know what is going on. Therefore, error codes provide insights into the specific problems affecting your refrigerator and pinpoint the issue.

This guide will break down a list of LG refrigerator error codes, what they mean, and the possible causes in simple terms.

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LG Refrigerator Error Code List

Here is the list of all 47 known official LG refrigerator error codes. If you have the code at hand, you can search for it in the bar below.

Additionally, you can read about some error codes you can troubleshoot before calling an expert technician.

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Error Codes for Models without display panel

As a bonus, we’ve compiled the error codes for models that don’t have a display, but signal lights.¬† Finding the error is all about counting how many times the light blinks. The error codes are the following:

Also, there is a way for you to check and erase displaying error codes.


Lastly, understanding LG refrigerator error codes can help you diagnose and resolve issues quickly, ensuring your appliance remains in optimal condition. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can troubleshoot many common problems.

However, for more complex issues or persistent error codes, professional help may be necessary. Appliance GrandMasters provides expert refrigerator repair services in Greenville, SC, offering reliable solutions to keep your LG appliances running smoothly.

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