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8 Common Samsung Dryer Error Codes

Understanding these Samsung dryer error codes can help you determine what is wrong with your appliance.

Samsung dryers are known for their reliability and advanced features. However, they can encounter errors, often indicated by codes. Understanding these codes is crucial for timely dryer repairs.

Ignoring these codes can lead to a domino effect, damaging other components if not addressed promptly.

Here are eight common Samsung dryer error codes and what they mean.

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1. Error Code tE

The tE error signifies a problem with the dryer’s temperature sensor. It’s a signal to check the sensor for faults or disconnections. If unresolved, this issue can escalate, necessitating a more comprehensive Samsung dryer repair.

samsung dryer error code te error

2. Error Code HE or HE2

These codes indicate heating issues, possibly due to a faulty heating element or thermostat. Addressing this promptly is crucial to prevent further complications in your dryer’s heating system.

samsung dryer error code HE

3. Error Code bE or bE2

These codes point to a button being stuck on the control panel. Check for any buttons that are not functioning properly. If neglected, it can lead to more extensive control panel issues and a call for dryer repair near you.

samsung dryer error code be

4. Error Code dE

The dE code means the dryer door is not properly closed. Ensure the door is securely shut. If the problem persists, the door latch might need a repair or replacement.

samsung dryer error code de

5. Error Code oD

An oD code indicates that the dryer has not detected a change in moisture level, suggesting a problem with the moisture sensor. Regular cleaning of the sensor can prevent this issue; otherwise, it may require professional appliance repair.

samsung dryer error code od

6. Error Code Et

This code signifies an electronic control board malfunction. This issue is complex and typically calls for professional dryer repair near you, as it involves the main control components of the dryer.

samsung dryer error code et

7. Error Code hE

The hE code indicates an overheating issue, often due to restricted air flow. Clean the lint filter and exhaust vent to resolve this. Neglecting it can lead to safety hazards and further appliance repair.

samsung dryer error code he

8. Error Code AE

This error signifies a communication error between the dryer’s main control board and the display board. Resetting the dryer might resolve it, but persistent issues will need professional attention.

samsung dryer error code ae


Understanding these Samsung dryer error codes is key to identifying issues early and addressing them before they escalate. Take note that regular maintenance can prevent many of these problems.

However, for more complex issues, it’s advisable to seek professional Samsung dryer repair or general appliance repair services. Timely intervention protects your dryer from potential future damage.

Remember, whether you’re in need of Samsung dryer repair or any other dryer repair near you, Appliance GrandMasters can help can ensure your appliance runs efficiently and safely.

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